Paris Week Two

24 Apr

Monday– We met with Kaori and Adrian at their place near the Eiffel tower. It was great seeing familiar faces again. The plan was to go to Montmatre and wander around, have a look at Sacre Cour and of course check the beautiful view of Paris from there.

The weather was terrible, pooring heavy rain, windy and cold. We rush up to Sacre Cour and run inside the church. We wandered around admiring the inside. We sat down and waited for the rain to pass. We leave and see that it is still pouring rain. As we are all hungry we decide to run for it and find somewhere to eat near the Louvre. We hop on a metro and get off near the Opera. We stop by a Baguette shop for a quick lunch before heading to the Louvre . There was a huge security queue outside, we got pulled aside from the main queue and let straight through, Thanks Camilla. I love having a toddler in tow, we always get VIP treatment at Museums, Airports, etc.

We spent nearly 3 hours there. Kimble was our tour guide showing us all the main art works and sculptures. After the Louvre we went for a walk across Jardin des Tuileries but it started raining again. We all went back to our place for drinks and dinner. The boys cooked a very nice meal, Adrian made a beautiful veggie soup and Kimble a roast a chicken. We decided to check out the sparkling Eiffel Tower, just before 10pm we headed down to Trocadero and managed to arrive just in time to see it lit up and sparking. The show went for about 5 minutes.

Afterwards we said good-bye to Adrian and Kaori as they were leaving Paris 2 days later.

Tuesday – The weather was again terrible, we stayed home for most of the day. Kimble’s parents came over in the late afternoon and went to Trocadeiro for a walk.

Wednesday-Today is Margaret and Robin’s last day in Paris before heading off to the UK to end their holiday. We met up with them at the Galleries Lafayette as they had never been to it before. We wander around for a while as it was raining outside. Around lunch time we decide to find somewhere to eat lunch, Kimble kept suggesting McDonalds, which we all said a BIG “No” to the idea. We return to a Vietnamese restaurant Kimble and I had been to on our first week but there weren’t many vegetarion options. So we settle on an Indian restaurant. This is our first proper restaurant meal since we arrived. The curries were nice but not the Indian we are used to back home in Sydney. The curry flavour were very mild and they seemed to use cream instead of coconut milk, apart from that the meal was very nice. Afterwards we visited Musée des arts et métiers, it was a bigger museum than I expected. We spent about 2 hours wandering.

We farewell Kimble’s parents and had home. Kimble cooked a chicken soup with the leftover chicken from the other night and to accompany it we have a baguette. For desert we had a yummy tartellete de fraise (strawberry tart).

Thursday – We visit to Le Defense.

We had been there before but it was good to go back and have another look. Now there is a huge shopping centre that we had to check out. Kimble finally bought a new hard drive for his dying computer. Camilla was not co-operating so we had to cut the shopping trip short.

On the way home Kimble tells that we should hope off the metro at the Arch the Triumph stop and walk back home. He says it will be quicker than the metro, no more than 10 minutes. After walking for 30 minutes we make it home .

Friday – We left just after 12, it’s hard to leave early when we don’t have to meet anyone. We walked to the metro and got off at Saint Paul. From here we walked about 10 minutes to Museum Carnavelt, the museum tells the story of Paris and also has art gallery exhibits. Camilla fell asleep as soon as we got off the metro so we had time to wander around the museum without been disturbed or having to chase her around. After the museum we head to Marais, there is a big Jewish community here, for lunch. We head to 34 Rue des Rosiers where the famous Falafel shop (L’As du Falafel) is located.
The place is extremely busy with a huge queue for takeout and eat-in. Two men outside the store are taking orders, Kimble is at first apprehensive to hand the guy 11 Euros as he thought he was a ramdon guy trying to rip people off.

Saturday – We woke up to a horrible cloudy and rainy day. As the day progressed the weather did not improve so we ended up staying home all day and only went out for a quick supermarket trip for dinner.

Sunday – Kimble set the alarm to 8am, the plan was to go to Marché aux Pucest early and hopefully find some bargains. Alarm went off and we hear rain, we went back to sleep and woke up about 9:30am with rain still pouring. We check the weather forecast and it looks like the weather is clearing up later in the day. We leave and make our way to Marché aux Puces. It took us about 30 minutes on the metro and 2 changes to get there. This area is insane! It’s a Paddy’s Market on steroids. There is everything from tacky cloting to beautiful antiques. We wandered around for a couple of hours, we didn’t buy anything.

The sun decided to make an appearance, after two weeks of horrible weather the sun is finally here!

It’s lunch time and Kimble wants a falafel sandwich again. Off we go back on the metro to Saint Michel to go to a little Falafel shop he read about online. This place is different from the first one we went as this one has a salad bar which you serve yourself. The falafel sandwich was really nice, but we didn’t put enough sauce or salad, rookie mistake I guess!

Afterwards we go to Jardin Luxembourg, the second largest public Park in Paris. This park is very nice! It feels like a smaller version of the park inVersailles.


Week Two is over! We have another 3 days in Paris before we need to pack up and leave again. I have a feeling next week is going to be actioned packed.


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