Back to Sydney

28 May

The 8th of May was our last day in London. Our flight back to Sydney via Hong Kong left at 10:30PM. We had a whole day to burn so we decided to rent a car and drive to Windsor for a quick visit. The day went by too fast. Kimble collected the car about 12PM, getting back to the Hilton at Canary Wharf almost 1PM. We then made our journey to Windsor getting stuck in London traffic for over an hour. We arrived in Windsor at almost 3PM. We popped into a pub near the castle and had beef and chicken pies. Afterwards we had a quick wonder around Windsor. It’s a really nice little town.

Next time I have to stop over in London for whatever reason I will choose to stay in Windsor, it’s closer to the airport too.

At about 6PM we made the 15 minute drive to Heathrow airport to drop the car off and head to Terminal 5 where we were catching our Cathay Pacif flight from. Check in was uneventful, we managed to get a whole row of seats to our selves.

We had to wait for a couple of hours before getting on the plane, so we had an early dinner at a pub style restaurant inside the terminal.
After dinner I popped into Zara. For 3 months in Europe I managed to buy NADA from Zara, partially because every time I went I was with Kimble and Camilla. Big shopping deterrents!  On my last day of travelling I managed to find a nice pair of pants and a top! Yeah!

The flight was LONG! The first flight took 13 hours, Camilla slept for most of it but I didn’t sleep well at all. We got off at Hong Kong exhausted, the stop over was a quick 1.5 hours. We took Camilla to a kiddie play area for some running around. The airport was ridiculously hot, Camilla was stripped down to just her pants.

So after a quick break from flying we got back into another plane for another 10 hours of flying. Camilla slept a little but again I barely slept.

We arrived in Sydney at 6AM on Thursday 10th of May completely exhausted. My parents were kind enough to pick us up from the Airport. It was a strange feeling arriving back. It felt like we had never left, but obviously in 5 months of travelling we had changed!

The following 2 weeks were a blur. We experienced the worst jet-lag we had in several years. I slept day and night. A couple of days after arriving we all became ill with a viral infection. It took me over a week to get over it. It probably made getting over the jet-lag that much harder because of it.

I think it will be a while before I jump on another long haul flight again!



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