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1 Sep

23 to 30 August 2015

On paper it all seemed like a fantastic idea, 1 week in Fiji. Beautiful views, delicious food, sun and warm weather. The reality of it turned out quite different.

We left Sydney on a rainy Sunday morning, the taxi collected us from our home at 6:15am. It was still dark outside and we were still all half asleep, waking up at 5:30am is not my idea of fun.

We got to the airport, went through check in than grabbed a quick breakfast before heading to the gate for boarding. The girls were well behaved, both kept busy on the tablets. About and hour into the flight Kimble points out that the flight has changed direction and is heading to Brisbane. WTF!

An announcement is made to say that there is a technical engineering issue with the airplane and we are heading to Brisbane for further inspection. The trip from Sydney to Brisbane took about 3 hours, the plane was travelling extremely slow. Upon landing in Brisbane we are told to get off the plane and head to the waiting area. Within 15 minutea of off boarding the plane we are all told that the plane is going no where and we are staying the night in Brisbane. It takes about 2 hours to finally leave the airport and head to the hotel as we have to queue up a number of times to claim bags and then check in for the room allocation. We hope on a bus and head into Brisbane CBD where we stay at the Pullman hotel. Funnily enough I had stayed at this same hotel a number of years prior on a business trip. We go out for a quick walk around the city visiting a few of its sites.  We each get a credit of $50 to spend on food and beverages. Kimble polishes off the mini bar and we have a nice dear at the restaurant downstairs.

The next day we once again have to wake up super early as the bus is picking everyone up at 6AM for the flight departing Brisbane at 10AM. After burning sometime walking about the airport we finally board the flight and this time we make it to Fiji!

We hope off the plane and see huge mountains, the airport is surrounded by beautiful lush mountains. The weather is not too hot, just warm enough. We walk across the tarmac to the customs clearance area. AS expected the airport is very basic, however we are welcome by fijian music. We clear customs and greet our taxi driver who will drive us the 90 minutes to our resort in the Coral Coast. His name is Elvin and is he a young Fiji indian men in his early 20s. Surprisinsgly he drives pretty safe and we make it to our resort at 6:30PM.

Bea had been sick since we left Sydney, however she was improving and seemed happier a few days into our trip. Camilla on the other hand had been fine the entire time, but started developing a temperature on Monday night (the day we arrived in Fiji). By Tuesday evening she started vomiting and did so most of the night. The following day she was lethargic but did not vomit and we were hopeful that she was improving. Geez were we wrong, she was drinking very little water and then started vomiting again at night time. Worried I contacted the hotel reception who suggested we had to hospital as she seemed dehydrated and was very quiet.

The hotel organised a taxi and one of the staff from the hotel came with us. The trip to the hospital took about 30 minutes and Camilla vomited in the car. There wasn’t much to vomit as she hadn’t eaten all day. Arriving at the hospital we were expedited through emergency and to the triage. The hospital and triage room were very basic and the staff appeared very disorganised. A man who I assume was a nurse took Camilla’s pulse and heart rate, temperature and checked her signs. Then the Dr spoke to us and gave Camilla hydrate to drink. It was a struggle trying to feed any of it to her as she would not drink it. The Dr was also very hand off, she didn’t even touch Camilla. We were given a private room where we stayed for about 1.5 hours. The 50mls of hydralite she had was well tolerated by Camilla and she did not vomit it. Poor Kimble was also feeling sick as he had a temperature.

AS she had ulcers in her mouth the Dr recommended giving her antibiotics, which the nurse did via a huge needle. the nurse administered the huge needle in her buttocks. She cried a little but was very brave.

AS she hadn’t drunk all the hydrate the dr wanted us to stay the night and put her in IV. But we felt that she had improved considerably as she had not vomited. So at 11PM at night we head back to the hotel, Camilla and Be a fall asleep straight away and stay asleep during the transfer from the car to the hotel room.

The next day Camilla is slightly better and hasn’t omitted at all overnight. I book her to be seen by the hotel Dr who is onsite from 12 – 1. At 12:15 we had to the “clinic”, this is a basic room with a bed and chair. The Dr is an indian fijian lady. She does the basic check and see that camilla’s back of throat is very pulsy and hear right ear had a minor infection. The Dr gives more antibiotics to take over the next few days. Camilla and Kimble, both sick, sleep a lot while me and Be a go off exploring the resort.

On the days where both Kimble and Camilla were in the room resting, Bea and I would go to the beach. Bea loved playing in the “sandpit”, which was really a bunch of beach toys on the beach. We spend lots of time in the kids club. Had breakfast, lunch and dinner together.

The weather during our stay was not the best, it was mostly overcast and super windy. At time it actually felt cold.